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Words from Our Satisfied Students & Parents

I have had the pleasure of knowing Belinda 20 years, and had her associated with our music company, Courtnay and Rowe as a private music instructor for about 15 of those years. You will not find a more wonderful teacher/coach for your children, and great all around person! My mother calls her "the child whisperer" and we know what a positive influence and fabulous coach she has been for our clients! We are going to miss her terribly - Orlando, your gain!

- Cecilia Courtnay Rowe

If you are looking for a smart, dedicated and extremely talented music teacher then you have found the perfect one in Belinda Tietgens! She will treat your children with respect and provide them with musical skills that last a lifetime.

- Angela King

Miss Belinda is great. She has been teaching my daughter piano and violin for almost 2 years. We all love her like our family.

- Jennie Ho

I've known Belinda for at least twenty years. I recommended her to my clients, whose children she taught and also, to my friends. The children's recitals were well received by those in the audience who were not related and standing ovations were given by parents and relatives. She cares about her kids and gives them insights into the world of music they would find nowhere else. She would be teaching my grandchildren, but she has decided to move to Florida. Our loss, Florida's gain.

- David M. Taylor Taylor-Made Services, Inc.

Belinda is not only an outstanding music teacher, she is a friend, mentor, life coach, and outstanding positive influence and role model for kids, tweens, teens, and young adults.

- Jim Brumbaugh

- Sukia Chowdhury

My family loves you and the convenience that you offer in coming to us. Your personality along with your teaching methods make a huge difference! Thank you Belinda!

- Lisa Hardymon

- Tuka D'Brito

- Adrianna Crossing

Ms. Belinda is an amazing teacher. We love her way of teaching. And would highly recommend her and her music team.

Belinda taught my daughters piano/guitar for years. We miss her but know returning to her "home" area is good for her and her extended family. Everyone in the Orlando area has gained a treasure. I will be forever thankful that she came into my family's life. We went through three in-home teachers before discovering Belinda. Having a teacher in-home can be awkward in the after-school "busy-ness," but Belinda will become a part of your extended family. Music time with Belinda became a special time for my girls and with so many of my friend's children who took lessons after hearing stories about Miss Belinda. She is talented, caring, dynamic, organized, funny, and always encourages your child to be their best selves. And your kids will WANT to practice because learning will become intrinsic and not something you make them do. They'll want to make Miss Belinda proud, too. That said, I miss her even more now...

As a former student, I can personally attest to what others have said about the quality of her teaching. "Miss Belinda" started out as my private music teacher when I was in elementary school, and by the time I left for college, we parted as dear friends. In less than a semester, I rose to first chair in band, so that's saying something for her teaching skills! Through her integrative style of teaching, I also learned a whole host of valuable life skills, notably, balancing music with my busy schedule, which I'm still doing today. She saw more potential in me than I ever saw in myself, and so she encouraged me to become the best student I could be, both in music and in the classroom. I can say with total confidence that growing up, Belinda was one of the greatest positive influences in my life outside of my family. I'm so so glad to see that she's bringing her enlightened vision for private lessons to a new group of lucky kids!

Belinda is amazing! She's taught both me (flute) and my younger brother (clarinet) over the years--helping us with scales, memorizing marching band music, learning new music for concert band, and encouraging us to constantly learn more. She would also check in and make sure classes, other extracurriculars, and friends were going well. Belinda has not only been a music teacher to me but also a babysitter, mentor, and friend. Florida is lucky to have her! Best of luck with the new business Belinda!

- Kelly Winer

Belinda is the best . If you want someone who will truly love and care for your kids while teaching them their craft. She is the way to go.

- Bradly McDonald

Belinda is an amazing teacher and role model. She has taught my son to appreciate more than just music. He enjoys spending time with her no matter what they do! She's always looking at the positive and helps to motivate my son to learn new things!

- Liesl Peters

Super Rave for Vince Van Berkum and B Amazing Music! Last year around this time, my two kids were begging to take guitar lessons and we found the lovely Belinda Tietgens on this page. After meeting our family she decided she knew the perfect teacher for us and she was so right! Vince is always kind and patient during lessons. He has encouraged my son's love of rock music and has been great about teaching my daughter music theory. My daughter also plays the clarinet in the school band and Vince gladly helped her with that too. The kids recently participated in a recital for B Amazing Music and it was such a fun and well organized event.

- Amy LoFiego

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